Why Facebook & Social Media ?

Facebook is the most visited website on the internet, reaching one trillion page views on June 30 2011! There are 50 million logging into Twitter everyday! Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month…that’s 326,294 years! Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users in 16 days (Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852) and could you imagine having 11 million people visit your website in ONE month? That’s what Pinterest achieved in December last year. Social Media is about starting and engaging in conversations with customers where they already hang out. When you take your business to the Social web it will build your brand, increase and protect your reputation, promote customer loyalty, generate testimonials & referrals and most importantly increase sales and revenue.

What’s the value of Facebook & Social Media and why is it important to my business?

It has already been appreciated by all businesses that the most powerful and successful form of marketing, is word of mouth and personal recommendation. Facebook is in fact word of mouth AMPLIFIED! Of the *22.6 million Australians, 20.1 million are online and 11.7 million are Facebook users and the most common activity of users is listening to other consumer’s opinions. It doesn’t take much to discover there are already conversations going on about your business on Facebook so why wouldn’t you want to be involved in the conversation? More importantly, why wouldn’t you want to be in control of it? Essentially if you’re not talking to your customers to keep them coming back, your competitors will be and most likely already are!

(*Source: Nielsen Online Ratings December 2011)

Why do we need Azura Social Media when we already have a Social presence and run it ourselves?

Social Media success isn’t just about posting content when you’ve got a spare moment or even every day. Social Media and marketing through Social Networks is a very dynamic process and there are numerous changes taking place and things to give consideration to all the time and that can have a major negative effect for businesses if ignored or overlooked. A strategy needs to be developed with such factors as, relevancy, interaction, locality, keywords, timing and positioning as these are all very important to ensure your content is seen. We develop and build custom strateges for our clients to keep customers engaged and execute daily.

Why does Facebook require so much time?

Facebook is not a one hit wonder when you need to generate business. It’s an ongoing conversation and friendship that you have to nurture and grow with your customers much like you would any friend in the real world. For example, if you only contacted a friend of yours when you needed something from them, you very likely wouldn’t keep that friendship for much longer. But if you showed a genuine interest in them and made them feel wanted and valued, all of sudden you have people who can’t do enough for you. The same applies with your fans and customers on Facebook.

Will Social have any affect on my Search Engine Optimisation?

Today, businesses spend millions of dollars optimizing for Google searches trying to get found. However, as social becomes a larger traffic driver and as Facebook and other social networks continue to enable content discovery, businesses will need to offer interactive, sharable content in order to stay relevant. Businesses that recognise the importance of Facebook and understand how it works will get found, gain traffic, increase on-site engagement and generate business. With both Google and Bing changing their search algorithm to deliver social driven content in real time above normal results, those businesses relying on search and ignoring Facebook, will soon disappear in the ether of search results.