Tips & Best Practices for Your Linkedin Company Page

Maximize the potential of your LinkedIn company page to market your business. Besides, this social networking site for professionals should be treated as a marketing platform for your company to connect with your target market and network with industry professionals. 

  1. Complete and update your company page. Any LinkedIn Management Services agency will recommend that every entry required in your LinkedIn business profile must be filled out for a more professional, legitimate look. These entries include telephone and fax numbers, address and most especially, the company description. Make sure they are constantly updated.
  2. Make it a habit to post relevant updates. In general, people react to industry-related updates the most. Product news tends to get lower engagement than Company updates. In any case, your company should post updates on all three matters.
  3. Encourage employees to connect to the company LinkedIn page. They are your biggest asset in advocating your business, and Social Media Services agencies can attest to that. Your employees’ professional network can help you obtain a good follower base necessary to spread the word about the company.
  4. Promote your LinkedIn Company page. Gain followers by promoting your LinkedIn profile to your other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that your corporate website has a button or link to your LinkedIn profile also.
  5. Engage with your audience. What good is having a social media profile when you do not respond appropriately and timely with your audience? Make sure to assign at least one person to handle queries, interactions and other engagement in LinkedIn.

There are over 200 million users in LinkedIn from at least 200 countries. Make sure to maximise the power of your LinkedIn Company profile with our help here at Azura Social Media.