Get your business onboard with history’s fastest growing Social network so far!

With over 170 million registered users worldwide and 377,000+ of them here down under, Google+ for businesses works like Facebook where you are able to interact more dynamically with your customers. But Google+ or G+ allows you to compartmentalize your customers, meaning you can tailor certain marketing messages to a specific type of customer. 

While G+ is still quite new (it hasn’t even been a year yet), the majority of people who you’d consider early adopters are male (79%) compared to female (29%). The site user audience also skews younger than other social networks with the majority of users being between age 18-34 and 43.82% are single. The  occupations of the most common users include engineers, developers & designers.

Businesses who should consider G+ are:

  • Businesses with consumers who are younger/early adopters and come from a more technical background
  • Wanting to create a more targeted approach to how customers are engaged via “circles”. For example a business may want to send special discounts just to repeat customers.
  • Keen to actually spend time face-to-face with their customers via G+‘s unique “Hangout” feature (or video chat) to conduct live product demonstrations, cooking classes,and handle customer service enquiries & complaints in person

For businesses, Google+ brand pages help you connect with the customers who love you. Not only can your customers recommend your business with a +1, they can also add you to one of their circles and stay tuned in to what you have to say long-term. 

Google+ isn’t going to be any different from what you’re business already does on Facebook or Twitter. At Azura Social Media we will help get you circled by real people so your business is enjoying real conversations with your customers.

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