What the heck is Pinterest?

Well let’s just say it’s social networkings newest kid on the block and is now officially the 3rd most popular# social networking site in the US! Pinterest lets you use virtual pins to create an online collage of images, then allows users to quickly and easily share their personal collection of collages, called “pinboards” with other Pinterest users. It’s a great place to find inspiration from people who share your interests.

It’s good fun, real easy and its got users hooked! Over the last 6 months Unique Visitor numbers per month have gone from 1.68 Million to 16.23 Million.

What is it about Pinterest that users love? Very simply, it’s visually stunning…pure eye candy! And being image-based, the core of Pinterest is overwhelmingly positive. Some say Pinterest is Facebook without the whiny status updates and cheesy checkins.

Why should my business care about Pinterest?

  • Pinners express themselves through images relevant to them and the life they live. These are the personas of your buyers
  • Pinners remind themselves of things they’d like to buy, places they’d like to visit and things they’d like to do. These are your near-future prospects.
  • Pinners share and recommend things that they think others would also connect with. These are your influencers and potential business advocates.
  • Pinners are learning and exploring random and sometimes specific topics. These are your more longer term buyers.
  • Pinners are looking for and discovering new or specific things to do, read, look at or buy. These are your buy now customers.

And all of these happy “Pinners” are part of a huge online word-of-mouth marketing network that will direct buyers, doers and seekers to your business’s website.

Pinterest has nearly 12 million users across the globe (and still growing) of which 2.2 million are returning to the site daily. And if you’re looking for a great source of referral traffic back to your business’s website, Pinterest will provide this as recent studies have shown in January 2012, Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube – COMBINED! 

*Pinterest in Australia – September 2012

  • Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) to the site – 640,000 per month
  • Page Views – 8.9 million per month
  • Total Visits – 970,000 per month
  • Average Time on site – 14 minutes 20 seconds
  • Audience – 57% female, 43% male

Pinterest is best suited for both online & offline retail, lifestyle, food, home decor, design, publishers, and travel brands. If your business has something visually appealing to offer the Pinterest community let Azura Social Media help you get started.

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