Does your business have hot-off-the-press, newsworthy content to share all the time?

Many of us have a personal Twitter account however a Twitter account for your company will have numerous advantages and benefits over a personal account. It can greatly increase brand awareness, connect your company with other companies in your industry, create opportunities to network with high profile public figures and celebrities, drive website traffic and leads and provide another touchpoint for your customers to interact with your company.

Businesses will find that the majority of Twitter users are female (59%), and males (41%) do also make a good contribution.  81% of users range between the ages of 25- 45 and 90% of users earn $25,000-$100,000 a year.*

Twitter is ideal for; 

  • Companies that are time poor but desire to stay connected with their customers
  • Discovering who’s talking about your company, allowing oportunities to engage your customers directly and promote new products, provide customer service, conduct market research by asking questions, get feedback, etc.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Twitter is how companies can market locally. Referred to as  Tweetups (not meetups) companies can bring together a community of people that are ready to engage and share information.

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