Four billion YouTube videos are watched each day, is yours one of them?*

Many recognise that video content can be a very powerful tool for businesses of any size, and because YouTube is still free to use and contains a huge audiences to market to it means it’s a great channel for small businesses. However, like any marketing tool, in order to get the most of it, it needs to be used well.

YouTube will allow your business to upload your own video clips, including tutorials, video blogs and will also bring benefits for corporate recruitment, internal marketing, viral marketing, and fan community interaction.

When it comes to YouTube audience demographics, businesses will find YouTube attracts men and women almost equally, but notably one of the largest segments of users are those between the ages of 45-54 (30%), followed by 35-44 (22%), and 25-34 (18%)

YouTube is perfect for;

  • Businesses that provide services or products that are conducive to a visual medium, such as tutorials, customer testamonials, product demonstrations, etc.
  • Businesses that can properly produce quality videos.

YouTube isn’t simply about sharing videos about your business. When you allow comments on your business’s YouTube channel, you can connect with and build your very own online community, create a positive association with your brand and drive traffic back to your website. Let Azura Social Media help you get started on your dynamic viral marketing campaign today. 

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